Be Selective


How to Avoid the Beer Money Contractor

As a home owner we need to be aware of the people we "invite" to come and service our homes.  Just because someone can do something doesn't mean they should.  These individuals have the entrepreneurial spirit, but not the know how to do the job correctly or, more importantly, has the right insurance coverage to protect  you as the  customer.

Any time you hire a contractor to do work on your home you should ask them these simple questions:

1. Do They Have the Necessary Knowledge and Experience?

Is pressure washing REALLY what they do or is it an “extra service”? You wouldn’t think about hiring your accountant to do electrical work on your house, so why would you hire a painter to wash your house. A contractor who does not know what they are doing may cause costly or irreversible damage to your property.

Sparkle Wash brings 40 years of professional building exterior cleaning experience. Our experience gives us the knowledge to know which cleaning products are required for each surface condition. Sparkle Wash methods enhance the exterior appearance of your property.

2. Do They Use the Proper Products and Equipment?

Most other pressure washers services tend to use too much pressure or cleaners that are too harsh.

Sparkle Wash employs "State of the Art", patented, cleaning equipment. Sparkle Wash also uses exclusive, environmentally responsible, cleaning products. Sparkle Wash contractors use biodegradable and USDA approved cleaning agents. No other power washer has access to our cleaning agents.

We can do your job quickly and safely, while still providing you with the results you expect.

3. Are They Adequately Insured?

A contractor who does not maintain the proper Business Liability and Worker's Compensation Insurance coverage is a serious risk to you. Be sure to ask to see there certificate of insurance so that you can be sure it is current. A contractor who is hesitant about producing Certificate of Liability Insurance is not the contractor you want. A contractor who does not provide Worker's Compensation for his employees is breaking the law and putting you at risk. If one of his employees is injured on your property, the employee not covered by Worker's Compensation COULD SUE YOU for his injuries. Sparkle Wash of Northern Michigan carries $2,000,000.00 General Business Liability insurance coverage and maintains complete Worker's Compensation coverage in accordance with Michigan State Law. Feel free to ask us for our Certificate of Insurance.

4. Do They Have References?

Be cautious of a contractor who cannot provide you with a list of customer references. Sparkle Wash of Northwest Michigan will be glad to provide you with such references. Sparkle Wash of Northwest Michigan is proud of our reputation; we provide high quality, reliable, courteous service.

5. What About Cost?

Sparkle Wash of Northwest Michigan provides you with full value for your money. Each Sparkle Wash franchisee receives training in estimating and job cost procedure; therefore, your job price will be fair and equitable.

With Sparkle Wash you can be assured you are getting what you pay for. A great looking job done in a timely, safe, and responsible manner.