Composite Deck Cleaning

The purchase of a composite deck is a large investment. The idea behind buying a composite deck is to not have to worry about the maintenance that you would have with a wood deck. Well this is only a partial truth. You have heard the phrase “Vinyl is Final”. Well just like that is only a partial truth, the statement, “Composite decking is maintenance free. ” is also only a partial truth. With a wood deck you have to be sure to protect it with a high quality product every 3-5 years (see wood restoration for more info).

With a composite deck, it's true you don't have to stain it, but you will have to clean it on a regular bases. Contrary to what the sales person told you at the lumber store, composite decking still gets dirty, and no you can't just wash it of with a garden hose. The catch is you can't wash it off with high pressure either. So how do you safely care for your composite deck?

The manufacture of the product will tell you to use some very caustic product that will harm the environment. Those products are not safe for family, pets, or plants. SparkleWash® provides the best environmentally safe solution to care for your composite deck.

The Composite Cleaning Process:

SparkleWash® will safely and effectively come to your home and clean your composite deck and other composite structures, without harming the environment or endangering you pets and plants. Unlike other companies who will try to muscle the dirt off, because they don't have accesses to the exclusive line of composite deck care products that SparkleWash® has, they will damage the deck surface by using to much pressure. Sparkle Wash will safely remove the dirt, mold, mildew, red and green algae, and rust stains from grills and deck furniture that may have collected on it.