House Washing Services

Sparkle Wash of Northwest Michigan is the leader in Exterior Cleaning Services in Northern Michigan. We are celebrating 47 years of service to our customers around the world and 25 years in Beautiful Northern Michigan.  As part of this large international organization we have several exclusive soaps and cleaners at our disposal to handle any situation. The soap we use to wash homes is safe, it does not contain phosphates which could be harmful to the environment and is biodegradable which means it is green friendly. We carry full liability and workmen’s comprehensive insurance to protect our customers. This is very important if something is accidentally damaged or someone is injured on the job. Our customers are always protected.

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Our Process:

Our house washing services are second to non and our process is proven with over 47 years of experience to back it up. We start by spraying the house down with a prep solution to help break down the dirt, bugs, mold and mildew and other things that have collected on your home. Next we wash the walls with HOT soapy water. They will then be rinsed with clean, fresh water. If an area is extra dirty. We will re-prep the surface with a stronger soap solution to break-down the dirt the rest of the way, then brush and wash the area as described above.

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