Wood Restoration

The day you finish installing a deck or other structure should be a day of celeabration, but this is the day trouble can start. Morning dew, rainwater, melting ice or snow are quickly absorbed by unprotected wood, causing it to soften and swell. Direct exposure to the sun's heat causes drying, which makes wood shrink. Continuous cycles of wet and dry, swelling and shrinking, cause wood to warp, split, crack and check - all of which lead to premature wood degradation and expensive repairs. Unprotected wood is also subject to surface graying caused by constant exposure to the sun's ultra-violet rays. Persistent moisture exposure creates ripe conditions for the growth of mildew, mold, algae, and other fungal organisms that feed on wood, eventually spreading across the wood and leaving unsightly stains on the surface. Termites and other wood boring insects also use wood for a food source, causing ultimate wood rot and decay.

Let SparkleWash® of Northwest Michigan help protect your investment. Our certified wood care specialists will clean and treat your wood project. We use only the best wood care products and will be happy to help you select the right one for your needs and your wood projects environment. You put the time and money into building your wood project, now let SparkleWash® of Northwest Michigan help you enjoy it!

The Wood Restoration Process

Sparkle wash thoroughly deep cleans the wood using specially formulated, biodegradable, non-toxic, sparkle wash cleaners. The certified wood restoration specialists of SparkleWash® know how to safely and effectively bring your wood project back to life! We have environmentally safe products so all of the landscaping and plants that you have invested your time and money into, which enhance your deck living space, will be safe and protected.

Not happy with the color of the stain that you put on your wood project?  Has it started to peal and crack? SparkleWash® can remove almost any stain from any wood structure. Contrary to claims from some businesses YOU CANNOT use the same product on every project. The professionals at SparkleWash® will be happy to review your project and recommend the right product for you.